Tiqs : Streamlines Ticketing and Event Management

Tiqs, a leading ticketing and event management company in the Netherlands, approached Codeaamy with the challenge of creating a secure and user-friendly ticketing solution. Their primary goal was to make ticket purchasing and access more convenient for their customers.

Codeaamy’s experienced Flutter team was up for the challenge and created a robust ticketing application for Tiqs. The application was designed to display QR codes for each ticket, making it easy for users to scan them at the event entry point. The application also included several other useful features, such as the ability to purchase tickets, upload identification documents, store club cards and credit cards, and segregate events by ticket type.

One of the main concerns for Tiqs was the security of their customers’ data, which is why Codeaamy implemented secure data storage at the backend and frontend of the application. This ensured that customer information and ticketing details were kept safe and protected from potential breaches.

Tiqs was able to simplify their ticketing and event management with Codeaamy’s solution, which also made it more user-friendly and safe for their clients. The partnership exemplifies Codeaamy’s dedication to providing high-quality solutions suited to each client’s demands.

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